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New Seating Chart
Through your generous contributions and grants from local Arts organizations, Summerfair and ArtsWave, our auditorium will have brand new seating for the start of the 2017-2018 season. These seats are wider, have greatly improved back support and feature arm rests. In addition to the new seats, we will add LED aisle lights at each step. For those with hearing loss we will install an audio in...
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MPI auditorium under const
Auditorium Remodeling Right after the DollHouse strike, with Steve Winslow’s help, we moved all the seats to a POD in the parking lot for temporary storage. Steve Farley pulled up the old carpet and sanded and cleaned the floor and the other wood surfaces. Bill Pauly and I spent the next four weeks rebuilding the platforms to accept the new seats, while Steve Farley and Kim Woods prepped and paint...
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Godspell thumb
Mariemont Players and director Tom Peters are excited to announce the cast of our summer musical, GODSPELL: Will Graber - JesusJoshua Broughton - Judas/John the BaptistJulia Beitz - Robin - “Day by Day”Haley Vaughan - Gilmer - Learn Your Lessons Well”Aimée Ward - Joanne - “Bless the Lord”Garret Liettle - Lamar - “All Good Gifts”Andrew Shamblin - Herb - “Light of the World”Elizabeth Taylor - Sonia...
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