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Mariemont Players Auditions for The Cemetery Club

Mariemont Players and director Jerry Wiesenhahn announce auditions for The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchall. Audition Dates/Times: 8 PM – 10 PM Sunday, May 13th (by appointment only) 7 PM – 10 PM Monday, May 14th (appointments encouraged, walk-ins welcome) Location: 4101 Walton Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227 Performance Dates: September 7th – 23rd, 2018 Synopsis 3 Jewish widows in New York City have been friends forever and get together once a month to visit their husbands’ graves. One of them will never get over her husband’s death, the visit to his gravesite is the highlight of her month; another is just beginning to think about putting herself back out there socially and try dating; the third may have actually scheduled a date at her husband’s funeral for later that evening. How they support each other (and occasionally don’t) is a very funny (and sometimes touching) play about life, loss, friendship, and having the courage to turn a page and begin a new chapter for yourself.  Characters:  4 Female, 1 Male – all late 50s to early 70s stage age Auditions will consist of cold readings of the script. To make an appointment, review the script, or for more information, please contact...
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Cast announcement of our July production, All the Way

All The Way
Mariemont Players and director Ed Cohen are pleased to announce the cast of our July production, All the Way by Robert Schenkkan: A.J. Ford – LBJ Aaron Bates – Walter Jenkins Tom Peters – Hubert Humphery Arny Stoller – Richard Russell Burt McCollom – J. Edgar Hoover Derek Snow – Martin Luther King, Jr. James Christian, Jr. – Ralph Abernathy Dan Maloney – Stanley Levison; John McCormack; Seymore Trammell; Edwin King Joel Lind – Cartha ‘Deke’ Deloach; Howard ‘Judge’ Smith; Everett Dirksen Fred Murrell – Strom Thurmond John Langley – George Wallace Dava Lynn – Lady Bird Johnson; Katherine Graham; Katherine St. George Sally Fint –Lurleen Wallace; Muriel Humphrey; Secretary Gary Glass – Robert McNamara; James Eastland; William McCulloch; Paul Johnson, Jr. David Hatfield – William Colmer; Robert Byrd Kenny Tessel – Emmanuel Celler; Walter Reuther; Mike Mansfield Jef Brown – James Corman; Carl Sanders; Tailor; Barber Elizabeth L. Taylor – Coretta Scott King; Fannie Lou Hamer African-American performers are still being sought for the following roles: Stokley Carmichal Roy Wilkins; Aaron Henry Bob Moses; David Dennis Please contact director Ed Cohen  if interested in auditioning. Synopsis 1963… An assassin’s bullet catapults Lyndon B. Johnson into the presidency. A Shakespearean...
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April 2018 Limelight Review

VOLUNTEER! Mariemont Players is looking for a volunteer to write and edit the monthly Limelight Review membership news letter. If you are interested in this position (starting June 1, 2018) contact Business VP, Art Kibby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. BOARD NEWS The Mariemont Players Board has nominated the following members as candidates for the following ACT and OCTA Awards to be given at the annual ACT/OCTA Fest in June. ART ROUSE -  NancyAnn and Tom Storey MARIO PITACCO -  Art Kibby ROGER GROOMS -  Tom Peters OCTA ANNUAL SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY AWARD -  Dan Maloney MPI JOINS THE 21ST CENTURY LIGHTING ERA   |   Art Kibby and Tom Peters After struggling with our woefully outdated lighting patch bay and dimmer system for several seasons, the Board has decided to purchase and install a brand new system. The old patch bay that was purchased second-hand in 1990, will be replaced with a fan-cooled tower rack enclosure containing 9 “Smart Packs” with all the current 106 circuits connected. This is a DMX system, so the DMX to AMX converter will no longer be needed. The new system will be directly compatible with our recently installed dimmer control board, and any circuit can be “softpatched” by the lighting...
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