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2015-2016 Season (Archive)

thmb-WhoAmIWho Am I This Time?

May 6 - 22, 2016

A comedy by Aaron Posner, adapted from stories by Kurt Vonnegut

Three comic masterpieces by Kurt Vonnegut are sewn together into a seamless evening of love (pure and complicated), hilarity and humanity. This is a smart delightful comedy for the whole family.

thmb-SixDanceLessonsSix Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

September 11 - 27, 2015

A comedy/drama by Richard Alfieri

Lilly, the aging wife of a Southern Baptist minister, takes a dance lesson every week from Michael, a sarcastic, much younger, instructor. What starts as a battle gradually becomes something quite different.

thmb-ChristmasBellesChristmas Belles

November 6 - 22, 2015

A comedy by Jamie Wooten, Jessie Jones and Nicholas Hope

A church Christmas program spins hilariously out of control in this southern comedy. This hilarious holiday journey through a misadventure-filled Christmas Eve is guaranteed to bring joy to your world!

thmb-RadiumGirlsRadium Girls

January 8 - 24, 2016

A drama by D W Gregory

Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls tells of the girls who painted radium numerals on watches to make them glow in the dark at a time when few realized how dangerous radioactivity could be. Written with warmth & humor, Radium Girls has been hailed by critics as a powerful & engrossing play.

thmb-HayFeverHay Fever

March 4 - 20, 2016

A comedy by Noel Coward

Unconventional, risqué, and often downright rude, the Blisses are everything an upper-crust English family should not be. This is made abundantly clear when each family member invites a guest for the weekend. Alliances form, affairs begin, and formality is thrown to the wind. Noel Coward’s perfect comedy will send you home laughing. 

thmb-ShakespeareAbridgedThe Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

July 8 - 24, 2016

A comedy by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield

Fast paced, witty and physical, this play is full of laughter for Shakespeare lovers and haters alike. It’s a Shakespearian mix of pratfalls, clunky female impersonators, clean-cut ribaldry, and broad burlesque. Expect a delightful evening brushing up on your Shakespeare.