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2016-2017 Season (Archive)


Doll House PosterDollHouse

April 28-May 14, 2017

A drama By Theresa Rebeck

Set in suburban Connecticut, Nora and her husband Evan are living in blissful idealism until an “old business” partner reappears in Nora’s life. The tension then mounts as Nora struggles to find what lies ahead in an uncertain future.


The Star Spang Girl PosterThe Star-Spangled Girl

March 3-19, 2017

A comedy By Neil Simon

Neil Simon’s fast moving, hilarious comedy deals with 2 earnest young men struggling to put out a “protest” magazine, when the all American girl moves in next door and manages to send both into a romantic tail spin.

Beau Jest PosterBeau Jest

September 9-25, 2016

A comedy By James Sherman

A heart-warming comedy that has a lot to say about nuclear families. “Beau Jest” reminds us of a kind of humor we can find in our own lives. The kind that renews us from within, if only in passing moments.

Ravenscroft PosterRavenscroft

November 4-20, 2016

A Gothic Thriller By Don Nigro

This dark comedy is both funny and frightening. You won’t guess the ending, but you will be teased, seduced, bewildered, amused, frightened and led to a dark encounter with truth or something even stranger.

Mornings at Seven PosterMorning's At Seven

January 6-22, 2017

A comedy By Paul Osborn

A warm, antic, wise and utterly endearing comedy about life in small town America when families could continue a lifetime’s conversation across a backyard fence.



Godspell PosterGodspell

July 7-23, 2017

Music and New Lyrics By Stephen Schwartz
Book By John Michael Tebelak

A timeless tale of friendship, loyalty, and love, based on parables according to the Gospel of Matthew, comes to life through an exciting array of music and dance. (Recommended for ages 7 and up)