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2017-2018 Season (Archive)

The Outgoing Tide PosterThe Outgoing Tide

May 11-27, 2018

A drama by Bruce Graham

In a summer cottage on Chesapeake Bay, Gunner has hatched an unorthodox plan to secure his family's future but meets with resistance from his wife and son. As winter approaches, the three must quickly find common ground and come to an understanding - before the tide goes out.


Around The World PosterAround The World In 80 Days

March 9-25, 2018

A comedy by Mark Brown

Hop aboard the train as Phileas Fogg and a small troupe of actors take on a global collection of unforgettable characters in this imaginative and theatrical re-imagining of Jules Verne’s classic adventure. You won’t know what hit you as you become immersed in this exciting, and incredibly silly, rollercoaster spectacle.


Beckys New Car PosterBecky's New Car

January 5-21, 2018

A comedy by Steven Dietz

This laugh-out-loud amusement park ride will take you on a comedic cruise through the perils of middle-aged longing. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the deadpan humor and U-turn plot twists as Becky leads you down the road less traveled.


The Wisdom Of Eve PosterThe Wisdom Of Eve

September 8-24, 2017

A drama by Mary Orr

An engrossing and revealing "inside" story of life in New York's theatre world, told in terms of an unscrupulous ingénue’s rise to Broadway stardom. Adapted from the story by Mary Orr, on which the film All About Eve (winner of 6 Oscars) and the hit musical Applause were based.


The Silver Whistle PosterThe Silver Whistle

November 3-19, 2017

A comedy by Robert E. McEnroe

This comedy spritzes a wonderfully innocent idealism into the air through the simple story of a tramp who cons himself into an old folks home, in disguise of course. He proceeds to alert the residents to the joie de vivre they have long buried under too many layers of despair and boredom.

All The WayAll The Way

July 13-29, 2018

A drama by Robert Schenkkan

1963… An assassin’s bullet catapults Lyndon B. Johnson into the presidency. A Shakespearean figure of towering ambition and appetite, this charismatic, conflicted Texan hurls himself into the Civil Rights Act, a tinderbox issue emblematic of a divided America. Note: Graphic and crude language.