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Limelight Review - March 2019

Board News

The MPI Board has approved the nominations for the 2019-2020 Board. The Nominating Committee was made up of Dee Anne Bryll (Chair), Norma Niinemets, and Vicki Rafferty.

At the General Membership meeting on April 6th, these nominations for the 

2019-2020 Board will be voted on:

President: Pat Kramer

Treasurer: Steve Winslow

Secretary: Dan Maloney

Production VP: Linda Callahan

Jr. Production VP: Vicki Rafferty

Business VP: Dee Anne Bryll

Jr. Business VP: Art Kibby

Members at Large: Maris Ryan, Karen Zaugg, Nancy Ann Storey, Jackie Miesle, Arny Stoller

MPI By-Laws Update

The Mariemont Board of Directors has approved the following edits to the Mariemont Players By-Laws. The General Membership will vote on this update at the General Membership meeting on April 6th. You can request a copy of the current MPI By-Laws as well as the proposed update of the By-Laws by emailing Steve Winslow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Current Show

Outside Mullingar opens March 8th!

Don’t miss Mariemont Players’ March production, Outside Mullingar !

Synopsis: Set in rural Ireland, this compassionate, delightful, and deeply moving story explores with poetic passion two introverted misfits and their journey to find some kind of happiness.

Anthony and Rosemary are lovelorn farmers who haven’t got a clue when it comes to love. These hopeless singletons will need to overcome a bitter land feud, familial rivalries, and their own romantic fears to find happiness. Full of dark humor and flowing prose, John Patrick Shanley’s tenderhearted portrait reminds us it’s never too late to take a chance on love.

Outside Mullingar runs March 8-24, and is directed by Michael L. Morehead, produced by Steve Winslow, and features the talents of Lon NeaseArt KibbyBarbara Karol, and Rebecca Whatley.

For tickets, call Betsy at 513-684-1236 or visit


Three Bags Full - Thank You!

Dear MPI,

I wish to extend my warm thanks to the many people who made the January show of Three Bags Full possible.  To those who served on the selection committee to all the volunteers and friends who came out to strike the show there were countless people who made the Barlow’s home come to life.  Many thanks to the production team: Dan MaloneyElizabeth MolloyDan DermodyBill PaulyArt KibbySteve FarleyIan O’DonnellDava LynnVicki, Raffertyjef brownSara KrehbielTasha BoeckmannLiz VennTim CarneyPat KramerTeresa JohnsKenneth SmithJackie MiesleArt KibbyArny StollerBetsy FarroTom PetersKim Woods, and Teresa Johns.  I would also like to thank the cast- it was a memorable experience and already a cherished memory- Nisrene LangenbrunnerFred MurrellPatrick KramerKatie JensenDava LynnAimée WardDarren LeeC.J. BossartJimmy JacksonDavid Hatfield, and Susan Smith.  I would also like to extend thanks to the many people who supported us throughout the production who I may have missed.  Additionally, many thanks to the MPI Board of Directors, thank you for sharing the stage with us and making us feel right at home.  Finally, to everyone who came to see our production, thank you for braving the cold, you were a wonderful audience! 

Thank you,

Becky Mullins


Three Bags Full - Strike!

Three Bags Full strike went smoothly thanks to how many people showed up to help! Many hands make light work! Thank you to: Bill PaulyArt KibbyPaul GreenSteve WinslowVicki RaffertyBecky MullinsElizabeth MolloyTasha BoeckmannDan MaloneyMike MoreheadLon NeaseFred MurrellPatrick KramerDava LynnSusan E. SmithDarren LeeKatie JensenAimeé WardJimmy JacksonDavid HatfieldCJ Bossart, and Nisrene Langenbrunner.


Cast Announcement - Grease

We are excited to announce the cast of our summer musical, Grease !

Grease Cast List:

Pink Ladies

Rizzo: Adrianna Boris

Frenchie: Aimeé Ward

Marty: Jackie Miesle

Jan: Charlotte Loflin

Sandy: Julie Beitz


Danny: DeVohn Jackson

Kenickie: Garret Liette

Sonny: Mickey Masterson

Roger: Tyler Metcalf

Doody: Conner Liette

Rydell High Community

Miss Lynch: Betsy Bowers

Eugene: Nick Latham

Patty Simcox: Jessica Archer

Cha-Cha: Karly Danos (Dance Captain)

Vince Fontaine: Jay Dallas Benson

Teen Angel: Derek Snow

Come relive the high romance of past “Summer Nights” with Danny Zuko, Sandy Dumbrowski, and the rest of the gang in this rollicking musical that became the soundtrack of a generation.

Grease is directed by Tom Peters, assistant directed/stage managed by Sara Krehbiel, produced by Zach Riggins, and choreographed by Jackie Miesle.

For tickets, call Betsy at 513-684-1236 or visit 


All Around Town

  • Linda Callahan is playing Gingy in The Drama Workshop’s production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore. Performance dates: February 22-March 10, 2019.
  • Natasha Boeckmann will play The Woman in the Village Players production of Turn of the Screw, directed by jef brown. Performance dates: April 26-May 4, 2019.
  • Kenny Tessel will play Mr. Katz and David Reid Hatfield will play Mr. Morse in the CenterStage Players production of HOT L Baltimore, directed by Burt McCollom. Performance dates: April 26-May 5, 2019.
  • Liz Taylor has been cast in The Drama Workshop’s production of Working. Performance dates: May 3-19, 2019.
  • Sara Krehbiel will stage manage the Falcon Theatre production of Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, directed by Derek Snow. Performance dates: May 3-18, 2019.
  • Chessie Vigran will play Sister Clarissa in the Beechmont Players production of Over the Tavern. Performance dates: May 3-11, 2019.
  • Jackie Miesle will play Liz in the Footlighters Inc. production of Chicago. Performance dates: May 9-25, 2019.
  • Samantha Toberman will perform in the ensemble of the Cincinnati Music Theatre production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Performance dates: May 10-18, 2019.    

February, 2019 Play Reading Report
By Anna Nixon    
Zara Spook and Other Lures – yes, this is the Mariemont Players playreading report and it was the play that we read on Tuesday, 19th, February - a suggestion by Karen Zaugg. Thank you, Karen!

The play is a rather crazy comedy about a fishing tournament held in New Mexico at Elephant Butte Reservoir exclusively for women entrants hoping to win a $30,000 prize for the biggest fish. The main character has never entered a tournament before but managed to win the rookie prize. Much is made of the 2,000 mile road trip she takes to reach the venue and the happenings of the night before the tournament.

Readers were: Karen ZauggJoyce and Art Kibby (thanks for speeding up the Irish lesson to be with us), Bill HartnettLaura HovlandFred Rothzeid (back from his many cruises!), Karen Rokich (at the end), John Nixon and yours truly.

Next reading: Tuesday, March 19th. at 7.30 pm by which time we hope that Spring is sprung!


Three Bags Full - "A fun evening with a kooky cast of characters"

Set Design, Décor, Construction: “The set was beautifully arranged with particular attention to use of angles and levels to create visual interest beyond that of a traditional boxy interior. The effort was appreciated especially because of the action taking place in one stationary location. I adored the large windows and the continuation of the design beyond the upstage door!” “The paint and furnishings enhanced the design of the set. The use of contrasting textures with the brick and wallpaper was striking. I also loved the incorporation of greenery and artwork to bring the room life and a “lived in” feeling.”

Costume Design: “There were also clear indications of various social standings of the characters in their clothing.” “Foyle’s tux spoke of a man who was dressing for the job he wanted, not what he had.”

Properties“The three bags featured throughout were appropriately filled and handled. I am not sure how you managed to ensure the right bags were always on stage but this was impressively executed.”

ProducerThree Bags Full was a well-executed show, overall. Many elements were executed at a high level of quality and there was a clear flow from beginning to end and from the house to the final curtain. The design elements worked well together and it appeared that there was enough rehearsal time to achieve a higher level of unity.”


NISRENE LANGENBRUNNER as Kathleen: “The sass and impeccable comedic timing you brought to the stage were fantastic. I adored your accent and matter of fact delivery. You enhanced every scene you were a part of and you were a joy to watch.”

FRED MURRELL as Bascom Barlow: “Mr. Murrell had a lot of energy in his portrayal of Bascom. Bascom’s emotions ran higher and higher still and just when it seemed he couldn’t possibly get any more frustrated/angry, he did! Mr. Murrell truly gave a wonderful performance as Bascom, portraying a good emotional range for all of the things that befell him.”

PATRICK KRAMER as Richard Foyle: “What a conniving kiss ass! I mean that as a huge compliment. You used just enough charm to make the audience root for you even though your character is underhanded and obnoxious.”

KATIE C. JENSEN as Angela: “Ms. Jensen’s portrayal of the outgoing and sometimes outspoken Angela made the character a standout. She was refreshingly different.”

DAVA LYNN as Genevieve: “Ms. Lynn’s portrayal of Genevieve was a lovely foil to the hardness of Bascom. She had this softness about her, but still able to hold her own with her husband.”

AIMÈE WARD as Jeanette: “You were a ray of sunshine in all of your scenes. I was impressed with your bubbly stage presence and the sweetness of your character. You matched pace and charisma with your love interest and made the match extremely believable.”

DARREN LEE as Boris: “Great awkward shyness. The uncertainty of your character about falling in love with someone above his station made his insecurity about his relationship with your former employers/in-laws and your intended relatable and had me rooting for you to succeed.”

C.J. BOSSART as Preston Cottingham: “Sweet portrayal of a man in love. Your defense of your love and the commitment to your character's choices were evident.”

JIMMY JACKSON as Jenkins: “A man of few words but a much needed comedic foil! Your presence commanded attention and laughter every time you were on stage.”

DAVID REID HATFIELD as Mr. Cottingham: “Though his time on stage was brief, Mr. Hatfield had a good amount of energy in his portrayal of the elder Mr. Cottingham.”

SUSAN E. SMITH as Charlotte: “A sweet and tender maternal figure. I believed in your affection for your daughter, your interest in her well-being, and the tenderness with which you regarded Bascom Barlow when confronting him with the truth.”

Stage Management“The show and intermission were both nicely timed, and I observed Ms. Molloy unobtrusively “making the rounds” during pre-show and intermission to be aware of the audience flow and to check in with various departments.”

Direction: “The generosity of the actors towards one another onstage reflected really good leadership in creating the ensemble, as did their success in subtly directing audience attention to where it needed to be. The best moments on stage were the subtle reveals, and they were all very well accomplished.”

Limelight Review - April 2019
Grease Cast Announced!