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Mariemont Players Limelight Review – July, 2018

Jackie Miesle, Editor
Art Kibby, Distribution

Board News
Michael Sauer has had to resign his Member-at-Large position on the 2018-2019 MPI Board because of the increased travel requirements of his job. The MPI Board has chosen Dee Ann Bryll to take the Member-at-Large position to fill out Michael's term. MPI is grateful for Michael's service as past treasurer and as chair of the Chairman's Club. As membership chair, Michael has hosted the MPI membership parties for the last several years. The MPI Board will miss Michael's advanced organizational skills and his ever-cheerful manner in which he helped make good things happen for Mariemont Players.

Hey, Directors!
Director Applications are being accepted for Mariemont Players’ 2019-2020 Season!

Mariemont Players is currently accepting applications for directing for the MPI 2019-2020 Season. To receive an application and additional information please contact Dee Anne Bryll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mareimont Players hope to present theatre that make our audience think and feel about what they see on our stage. We want our patrons to be entertained but just as importantly we want them to feel an emotional connection to the material.

Our season slots are September, November, January, March, May, and July. The committee is looking for comedies that can make an audience laugh, a drama that makes them cry, or best of all a show that can do both. It could be a mystery that keeps them guessing until the end or a musical that has them singing in their seats. It could be a favorite classic with a fresh production or an exciting new show. 

In addition, we want to provide opportunities for local actors, designers, and technicians to continue to grow and develop as artists. 

Deadline for applications is July 15, 2018.

Save The Date!
Mariemont Players Membership Summer Party: Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 6:00pm. More information to come.

“The Outgoing Tide” – Thank You!
By Dan Maloney, Director

First of all, thank you to the MPI Artistic Committee and Board for believing in this show and giving me the opportunity to stage it. It was a tremendous blessing for me to bring it to MPI audiences, and I am eternally grateful for your trust and support. Thank you to Norma in particular for sharing this script with me early on, and believing I had the ability to do it justice.

Obviously, I need to thank the cast: Harold, Barbara, and Michael. This was a demanding show, and it wasn’t always easy. Your unyielding effort and commitment to the roles was all the difference. I am so proud of what we accomplished together, and I am honored you chose to share your talents with me. 

Behind the scenes, Sara Krehbiel was great as our stage manager. This was my first time working with her, and I look forward to future collaborations. Also, thank you to Aimée Ward and Liz Wyan executing lights/sound. This was Aimée’s first experience running the MPI board, and she did a fine job. Also, it was great to have Liz back in the booth for the first time in about a year. She had been recovering from a leg injury, and we’re thrilled she was able to help out once again!

The set for this show was simply EXTRAORDINARY. Dan Dermody did a fantastic job designing it, and we received more positive comments about this set than any I can remember during my time at MPI. Bill Pauly, along with his crew of Art Kibby, John Nixon, and Tim Carney did a wonderful job of bringing the set to life and getting it up in a timely fashion. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the quality of our shows would not be the same without the hard work that goes into our sets. In addition, Art made the Adirondack chair at his home, and he also wired all the dock lights. 

We were fortunate to have Peggy Stouffer back designing costumes! This is my second time working with her, and she challenges me to expand my thinking about how the characters should dress and costumes can be used. She gave the actors the final pieces needed to fill in their characterizations, and she did it all while staying within budget! Moreover, she helped Barbara with her hair most nights, making her look just like Grace Kelly.

Liz Venn and her team did a great job painting the set. Kenneth Smith did an amazing job with photography, giving us lasting memories of this production. Pretty much everyone in the cast & crew helped some way with props. Kristen Vincenty jumped in at the last minute to help with lobby display, and she found a wonderful pattern to use a background. 

Also jumping in at the last minute was Chris Cullen sewing curtains for us, which brought the set décor together. Art Kibby and Pat Kramer put together a great promo video. As always, Teresa Johns did a wonderful job with the program art and laying out the program, including implementing all of my proposals to make it more readable. Tom Peters had the thankless task organizing the ushers, and Betsy Farro continues to make MPI patrons feel at home. In addition, there are several people who provided me with differing levels of feedback and support including Norma Niinemets, Ed Cohen, Jef Brown, Amy Stier, Linda Callahan and others. Thank you all.

Finally, I need to thank our patrons. Thank you for supporting live theater. You are our heroes.

Thank You, Ushers!

Linda Callahan

Janet Costello

Chris Cullen

Danny Davies

Rilla Foster

Susie Hurst

Art Kibby

Joyce Kibby

Bett Kooris

Pat Kramer

Nisrene Langenna

Dava Lynn

Denise Mann

Cheri Misleh

Mike Morehead

Lon Nease

Anne Nixon

John Nixon

Tom Peters

Steve Phelan

Gudrun Raynor

Cathy Roesener

Carol Schneider

Arny Stoller

Chuck Strain

Liz Taylor

Traci Taylor

Samantha Toberman

Ginny Weil

Linda Winslow

Steve Winslow

Rita Winters

Karen Zaugg

Strike Crew
By Dan Maloney

The Outgoing Tide set was struck following our closing performance on Sunday, May 27th. It was a complicated strike, especially since Art wasn’t available for the first time in as long as anyone can remember. However, we had a wonderful turnout, and we able to get it down in about 2.5 hours, which was at least an hour faster than any of us had imagined. Thank you to Bill Pauly, Dan Dermody, John Shova, Patrick Kramer, Tim Carney, Nick Briggs, Arny Stoller, Harold Dull, Michael Ireland, Barbara Karol, Sara Krehbiel, Dava Lynn, Peggy Stouffer, and Dan Maloney.

Cast Announcement
Mariemont Players and director Laura Berkemeier are pleased to announce the cast of our November production, More Fun than Bowling, by Steven Dietz.

Jake – Pat Kramer

Molly – Jackie Miesle

Lois – Elizabeth L. Taylor

Loretta – Natasha Boeckmann

Dyson – Mark Metzner

Jake owns the bowling alley in a small Midwestern town. He is sitting on a hilltop where two of his three wives are buried. Lois was zapped by lightning while carrying a bowling trophy in a thunderstorm and Loretta was killed by a ball return machine. In his younger days, he was a promising concert musician but a foul tip baseball broke his fingers which subsequently healed into a perfect bowler's grip. Jake replays the key frames of his life and is visited by his daughter Molly who has become adept at talking women into marrying her father for love and free lane time. But who is that nattily dressed man with dark glasses and a revolver lurking nearby?

More Fun than Bowling runs November 2-18, 2018. To order tickets, call Betsy at 513-684-1236 OR order online at All seats are reserved and $20 each.

All Around Town

  • NKU’s Commonwealth Theatre Summer Dinner Theatre Season will present the musical Life Could Be A Dream, directed by Dee Anne Bryll. The show runs June 6th through June 24th. Check the NKU website for ticket information.
  • Tim Carney will play Lord Canterville, Eric Day will play Hiram B. Otis, and Jan Costello will play Mrs. Umney in the Beechmont Players production of The Canterville Ghost (Performance Dates: July 27-August 4, 2018).
  • Aimée Ward will be playing Belle* in the East Side Players production of Beauty and the Beast, choreographed by Jackie Miesle! Performance dates: August 9-12, 15-18.
  • *Aimée will be playing Belle on August 10, 12, 16 and 18.


ACT/OCTA is this weekend!

When: The Annual ACT/OCTA Convention will be held June 21-23, 2018

Where: Miami University-Hamilton, 1601 University Boulevard, Hamilton, Ohio 45011 (Excerpts)

Blue Ash Embassy Suites (off Reed Hartman) 4554 Lake Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 (Banquet & Awards)

MPI will be represented by Around the World in 80 Days on Saturday, 6/23 at 2:00pm!

Come out and support them!

MPI’s OCTAFest job is door security Saturday morning, 6/23, from 8am-Noon, and we would greatly appreciate your help! Essentially, we will be watching the entrance to make sure people don’t go into the auditorium without a nametag or enter/exit during the excerpts. This does not mean you will have to miss the excerpts – just that you’ll need to sit near the doors. Please let Dan Maloney know if you can help! Thank you.

We hope to see you there!

Current Show
All The Way opens in just a few weeks! Don’t miss this wonderful production, directed by Ed Cohen.

1963… An assassin’s bullet catapults Lyndon B. Johnson into the presidency. A Shakespearean figure of towering ambition and appetite, this charismatic, conflicted Texan hurls himself into the Civil Rights Act, a tinderbox issue emblematic of a divided America. Note: Graphic and crude language.

All The Way runs July 13-29, 2018. To order tickets, call Betsy at 513-684-1236 OR order online at All seats are reserved and $20 each.

Mariemont Players mourns the loss of long-time member Ellie Shepherd, who passed on June 3rd. Our hearts go out to Bill and their family. Please respect Bill’s privacy at this time.

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MPI Membership Renewal – Please stay and play with us for another year!

The 2018-2019 membership year begins July 1st and we hope you will renew! If you haven’t sent your renewal ($15 for individual or $25 for family), please do so as soon as possible so you can continue to receive the Limelight Review, party invitations and other news. See the membership form for more information.

The Outgoing Tide – “Emotionally Charged and Empathetic”


  • “MPI has been doing this for many years in this facility, and has it down pat. Actually, I take that back – the seating in the auditorium is vastly improved.”
  • Betsy Farro somehow remembers me each time I attend a Mariemont production!... An afternoon or evening at Mariemont Players’ Theater is always pleasurable.”

Lobby Display:

  • “As usual, MPI has professional quality photos, displayed in a strategic location at the base of the stairs.”


  • “I loved the sound of gentle, rolling waves before and during the production.  This was an excellent choice and made me feel like I was near the dock or the beach that were visible in the low light on the stage.”


  • “Mariemont always does a great job of thanking their supporters, who are such an important part of their success and reputation.”


  • “The producer did a commendable job overseeing the production… there was a minute level of detail that went into [the] elements [of the play] and the coordination of all the elements offered a well-rounded, seamless experience, providing audience members with many subtle enhancements and subconscious deliveries of supporting information.”

Set Design, Décor, Construction:

  • The set design for this production was superior.  Within the small stage, Dan Dermody established locale and managed to fit in the sandy beach, water, the dock / boardwalk, and the rooms of the home… The Adirondack fishing chair was charming.”
  • “The set was quite ingenious… Not only did the overall construction of the major pieces evoke an immediate imagery, the set was decorated with multiple layers of minute touches that created a complete atmosphere and provided the sense of a truly live in home…”

Lighting Design & Execution:

  • The lighting design highlighted the action on stage and dimmed when the scene changed.  Lighting enhanced the mood of the production and gave a clear indication of the time of day.”
  • “The lighting was beautifully designed and was executed flawlessly.”

Sound Design & Execution:

  • “When the motorboat sounded at the climax, indicating that Gunnar was leaving the dock and starting his journey toward his self-chosen end, there was total silence in the theater as everyone in the audience took in what was about to transpire. All cues were precisely executed.”


  • “The costumes were composed of everyday clothing, but still gave strong hints about each character’s personalities.”


  • “Each prop held some kind of symbolic importance for the character or the action.”


Harold Murphy (Gunner)

  • “[Harold] gave a moving and masterful performance. Mr. Murphy established his character immediately as a gruff, no-nonsense, hard-boiled negotiator. His opening monologue, while it jumped from idea to idea did not seem overly disconnected for a person of his temperament and age – there was an audible gasp from the audience when they realized he had been talking to his son – it was a totally “wow” moment.”
  • “Harold’s engaging performance as Gunner was truly memorable. His spirited dialogue was easy and natural as he demonstrated humor, wit, frustration, and anger. Harold remained true to character and was totally convincing as an elderly man fighting dementia.”

Barbara Karol (Peg)

  • “[Barbara] was fragile and appealing as Gunner’s wife… Her character displayed an intriguing paradox of emotions – after the flashback that recounted her initial hopes and dreams, which were destroyed by her pregnancy, she became trapped in her own roles of wife and mother. While she was eager to alleviate the stress of caring for her declining husband, she was also unable to re-envision herself as anything other than a nurturer and caregiver – her cry of pain to her son about what she would do without her husband was so heartfelt. Her performance especially in the second act was compelling and completely sympathetic.”
  • “Barbara established and maintained Peg’s character as the sensible, loving wife and mother who remained the strength and support for her husband and son. She displayed a wide range of believable emotions and gave a very moving performance.”

Michael Ireland (Jack)

  • “[Michael] did a great job of portraying the tortured soul that was Jack… Mr. Ireland did a wonderful job of revealing the many dark and confusing corners of his emotional turmoil. His clear level of discomfort during Gunner’s opening monologue seemed disproportionate until the audience realizes he is talking to his father, who doesn’t recognize him… Jack’s character had the most extreme transitions and Mr. Ireland did an excellent job of shifting quickly and convincingly from a small, dreamy, emotionally wounded, browbeaten boy to a grown up, supremely stressed, emotionally overwhelmed, scarred, browbeaten adult.”
  • “Michael gives a layered performance as Jack digs through the issues of the dementia, Jack’s own marriage and upbringing, and how to finally let go of his father. He drew me in.”

Stage Management/Scene Change:

  • “The cues for the performance I attended were all well executed. The light cues in particular were absolutely essential to the performance.”


  • ”The direction of this play was outstanding… The director did an excellent job of utilizing the entire stage, but still creating time capsules that the characters stepped into and out of seamlessly.”
  • Very nice. This is a serious play that hits home for a lot of us. If we’re not Gunner’s age ourselves we probably have a family member who is; either way, what’s happening to Gunner could happen to us or to someone we love. This play has a lot of humor, too, which was fully developed without detracting from the serious point. The script itself introduces some points which could become distractions, such as the “Don’t tell your mother/father” stuff, or the scene where Peg finds that Jack has been looking at real estate ads and suspects that he has known about Gunner’s plans all along – there doesn’t seem to be a lot of trust in this family. But the director kept the storytelling focused. Presumably the director and set designer discussed movement options during the design process; everything in this compact production was kept (figuratively and literally) straightforward. Very enjoyable.”
Mariemont Players Limelight Review – August, 2018
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