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November Newsletter


Thank You to THE WISDOM OF EVE Cast, Crew, and MPI - 
Dee Anne Bryll 
The Wisdom of Eve was a dream project!! Every time I drove to rehearsal and turned down Walton Creek and saw the beautiful theater, I thought to myself “How Lucky am I!” As I sit and write my thank you, I am reminded of a quote from Jason Robert Brown, “What’s great about collaborating is getting to work with wonderful people. That’s what theatre is all about....” I could never have done this project without the help of my amazing production team headed by my good friend, producer Tom Storey. The creativity, outstanding work, and dedication of Dan Dermody, Beth and Brian Boland, Peggy Kenney, Ed Cohen, Chris Cullen, Bill Pauly, Jenna Pauly, and Art Kibby allowed us to tell the story in an interesting and theatrical way. Many thanks to Liz Venn, Alex, Nick & Timothy Boland, jef Brown, Michael Gettinger, Wayne Kirsch, Pat Kramer, Michael Sauer, Arny Stoller, Tom Peters, Teresa Johns, Dan Maloney, Kenneth Smith, Steve Farley, and Kim Woods for their work on the production. A big thank you to Betsy Farro for her support, her smiles, and exceptional work with the Mariemont patrons.

Steve Winslow is a treasure. His kindness and skill in leading a production make him one of the best stage managers in the area. We were so fortunate that he was able to work on this show. The general comment to me throughout the performances from the patrons was “how did you get that amazing cast?!” I asked myself the same questions many times throughout the process. These individuals are some of the area’s finest actors and I was blessed to work with each one of them. I have had the good fortune to work with John, Katey, Rilla, Merritt, and Joel on many projects. This was my first opportunity to work with Linda, Lon, Aaron, Jim, and Betsy. All I can say is that I will always be on the lookout to find another opportunity to work with all of these fine actors again.

Finally, a personal thank you- to the Mariemont Board for giving me the opportunity, to Nancy Storey, Norma Niinemets, and Danny Davies for all their support. I am so proud to be a part of the Mariemont Players!

The Wisdom of Eve Set Strike a Work of Art Tom Storey
Tom Storey, Producer of “The Wisdom of Eve,” wishes to thank all of those who stayed after the final performance on Sunday, Sept. 24th to strike the awesome set which was designed by Dan Dermody.

The entire cast of ten — Aaron Bates, Merritt Beischel, Katey Blood, Betsy Bossart, Linda Callahan, Rilla Foster, John Langley, Joel Lind, Lon Nease and Jim Waldfogle; our very talented Director, Dee Anne Bryll; one of our reliable lights/sound operators, Pat Kramer; our fantastic Stage Manager, Steve Winslow; our marvelous Costume Designer, Chris Cullen; our wonderful Props acquirer and maintainer, Peggy Kenny; a new member (welcome to MPI!), John Shova; and those indispensable set builders, Art Kibby and Bill Pauly. Thank you one and all!

Applause, Applause for the Wisdom of Eve Ushers - Steve Winslow
Steve Winslow wishes to thanks the ushers who guided patrons to their seats or took them up in the elevator during “Wisdom of Eve”. These were: Dan Maloney, Amy Sullivan, Richard Zenk, Fred Rothzeid, Cathy Roesener, Steve Phelan, Linda Winslow, Tom Storey, NancyAnn Storey, Michael Morehead, Brieanne Sheehan, Molly Grace, Karen Zaugg, Amy Sullivan, Elizabeth Taylor, Art Kibby, Joyce Kibby, Gudrun Raynor, Traci Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Ann Barfels, Karen Rokich, Mark Metzner, John Gilligan, Bett Kooris , Steph Stoller, Linda Roll, Liz Venn, Audrey Morrison, Kathy Franklin, Chuck Strain, Samantha Toberman, Burt McCollom, Denise Mann, Vicki Rafferty, Rina Saperstein, Jan Costello, Tom Peters, and Chris Cullen. Special thanks go to the head ushers who kept the lobby secure and were not able to see the show: Dan Maloney, Fred Rothzeid, Linda Winslow, Michael Morehead, Karen Zaugg, Art Kibby, Traci Taylor, John Gilligan, Steph Stoller, Liz Venn, Chuck Strain, Vicki Rafferty, and Jan Costello. Steve Winslow is grateful for all their help! 

October 2017 Play Reading Report - Anna Nixon
Fred Rothzeid’s play writing skills grow monthly. Last evening we were fortunate to share a reading of his latest play “The Soldier’s Play - A Musical”. We all agreed on our enjoyment of it and the music/songs that we did hear were delightful, especially “Sail Away” with Fred’s daughter singing.

The play tells some true stories of the soldiers’ entertainment groups who travelled the US barracks to cheer the troops leaving for Vietnam. Bravo, Fred and thank you!

Readers were: Joyce and Art Kibby, Chessie Vigran, Karen Rokich, Laura Hovland, Linda Callahan and yours truly. Good actors, good refreshments and a good play.

Next Play Reading – Nov. 21st. at 7.30 pm.

What’s Going On Around Town?
Chessie Vigran and Joel Lind are featured in Center Stage Players’ holiday production Coney Island Christmas performing December 7 through December 12. You can purchase tickets on line by visiting

Merritt Beischel will play the part of Mindy at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre in their upcoming production 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress directed by Dee Anne Bryll. The show runs January 25 through February 25 and tickets are available by visiting the Incline theatre at:

Elizabeth Taylor, Jay Gossett, Gary Glass and Samantha Toberman will all be joining. Director Laura Berkemeyer as cast members in Beechmont Players upcoming production, Suite Surrender. The show opens at the Anderson Center on February 16 and plays through February 24, 2018, Tickets are available on line or 513-BEECHMONT.

ACT Judges Admire The Wisdom of Eve
HOUSE: “It's always a breeze to locate the ticket counter and receive one's tickets at MPI. Betsy has everything down to a science and discreetly, efficiently had the tickets in my hand shortly upon entering. Ushers were also friendly and efficient.”

LOBBY DISPLAY: “The location of the lobby display is nice. The pictures of the cast in various poses on the set along with the head shots tied in the feel of the actors as “performers” in a show was a nice tie into the overall theme of the play. The arrangements were pleasing to the eye and utilized the space nicely.”

PROGRAM: “The program was really beautiful. Lovely color cover, attractive fonts throughout and a sensible, flowing layout. Of particular appeal were the added bonuses of information (with text and pictures, both) regarding the film All About Eve, the stage musical Applause and the author of the short story and play, Mary Orr. Cast and crew bios were of a mostly uniform length and included black & white renditions of the excellent head-shots (with uniform brick backgrounds) seen in the lobby display.”

PROGRAM ART: ”I liked the art work used for this production. The simplicity of text and one graphic image was well balanced. It read theatrical. And the fonts were easy to read.”

PRE-SHOW: “There was a pleasant selection of 1950s standards playing (by artists such as Dinah Shore and others) prior to curtain to get audiences in the right frame of mind for this story. Pre-show announcements were effective, articulate and thankfully straightforward and brief. The curtain was open, allowing audience members to examine the set and its dОcor prior tothe start of the show.”

SET DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: ”The need for various settings, as dictated by the script, was cleverly handled by the use of a primarily backstage/dressing room playing area augmented by a revolving door/stairway. It was a smartly designed set that served its purpose well. It also worked highly effectively in allowing for swift scene changes.”

“Construction was very well done. I really liked the different use of materials, from the brick walls, stage load in door, and the flats the filled in the wing space. The turn of the stage door was smooth and solid.

SOUND DESIGN AND EXECUTION: ”The music chosen for pre-show and other breaks was effective, played at a good volume, was tasteful and lent ambiance to the theater. Phone calls were handled well also. There were no microphones for the actors, but there was also no need for such as the lines were clearly heard at all times within the house.”

”Everything regarding sound, from the timing of the effects to the volume levels decided upon was smooth and efficient.”

LIGHT DESIGN AND EXECUTION: “The lighting was impressive to me right off the bat. The opening moments of the prologue instantly showed me how great of a lighting show I was about to see. The lighting almost seemed choreographed with the opening of the show and the monologue. The mood created and the area lighting used with all the different cues was amazing! Throughout the show, the lighting was almost like another character for me. There had to be an abundant amount of cues for this play because the lighting was constantly showing us time of day, mood of scene and it was dividing the stage into areas. Great fades and cross fades were used and gel choices were spot on. Nice job!”

DECOR and SET PAINTING: “Set DОcor was extremely good and it truly helped to set the scene and era for us. Loved the painting job on the US loading dock door. Great large fire extinguisher. The signs, the bricks, the texture painting and the writing on the Dock Doors all showed the time and attention to detail that was put into the decorating.”

COSTUMES: ”I was quite impressed with the costumes, especially what the ladies got to wear. There were some gorgeous dresses, furs, shoes, etc. So much attention to detail, even down to the ties, accessories, gloves and purses. Everything appeared to fit the actors well and the color choices worked well with, not just the characters’ personalities and status, but also with everyone’s skin and hair coloring.”

HAIR AND MAKEUP: “Hair looked good to me all around, as did make-up. I thought all the color choices were apropos and applied to the correct degree. I liked how Eve transformed from looking homely to looking radiant and like a star.”

PROPERTIES: “This show was fairly props heavy, but I felt Peggy Kenney did a great job gathering all that was needed and making sure everything fit with the show location and time. Loved the knife in the purse

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Mariemont Players and Director Jerry Wiesenhahn Announce Auditions for Around the World in 80 Days

Around The World PosterAudition Dates/Times
7 PM – 9:30 PM Tuesday, October 18th
7 PM – 9:30 PM Wednesday, October 19th

Click Here to sign up via Sign-Up Genius

Mariemont Players
4101 Walton Creek Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45227

• Read-through Wednesday, 12/6. Weekday evenings starting mid-January.
• Tech week starts Sunday, 3/4.

Performance Dates
March 9th-25th

A small troupe of actors takes on a global collection of unforgettable characters in this imaginative and theatrical re-imagining of the classic adventure. Stampeding elephants! Raging typhoons! Runaway trains! Unabashed slapstick and snarky asides! Join fearless adventurer Phileas Fogg and his faithful manservant as they race to travel the globe faster than ever before (a daunting task, even without being tracked by the detective who thinks Fogg is a robber on the run). Danger, romance, and comic surprises abound in this whirlwind of a show. H.G. Wells meets Monty Python!

Characters (4 men, 1 woman)

Phileas Fogg (M-30s-50s): The quintessential English gentleman – controlled, cool, and always dignified. Excellent British accent required.

Actor #2 (Male-20s-50s): Passepartout (Fogg’s unflappable French servant) + 3 British characters

Actor #3 (Female-20s-30s): 3 female characters, 2 male characters (Indian and British accents)

Actor #4 (Male-20s-60s): 10 different characters (British, Indian, and American accents)

Actor #5 (M-20s-60s): 17 characters (British, Indian, Chinese, and American accents)

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and some improvisation. Seeking quick-change character actors able to adopt outrageously broad characters in the blink of an eye and switch of a hat.

Please bring a current head shot and resume.

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Open House for Chairman Club Donors

On August 27 MPI hosted an Open House for Chairman Club Donors to see the renovated theatre. Over 80 guests enjoyed a beautiful array of food and drink. Many thanks to Noreen Sauer for catering the event and to her son, Michael, and his friend Alex Griffin for assisting her. A champagne toast saluted our 400 donors and the Chairman Club Committee Members (Michael Sauer, Chair, Art Kibby,
Norma Niinemets, Bill Pauly and Chessie Vigran.) The fund drive raised over $54,000. The guests were then invited to visit the theatre and enjoy the new seats and the beautiful renovation. Only oohs and ahhs were audible. Many thanks to Art Kibby and Bill Pauly, for explaining to the audience all the work that has been done on the theatre and introducing the newly installed Hearing Loop Enhancement System. A Big Round of Applause for Betsy Farro and the wonderful and tedious job of seating our subscribers in the new chair configuration. Not an easy puzzle to complete but she did it and she did it well!

Congratulations Arny Stoller
Arny Stoller was the inductee to the OCTA Hall of Fame at the Labor Day Weekend OCTA Event in Columbus, Ohio. This was certainly a well deserved recognition.

Also, congratulations to our Southwest sister theatres - Footlighters, The Drama Workshop and Village Players, on their award winning excerpts. Good showing all around for our region.

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