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October 2018 Limelight Review

Board News

We are happy to announce the addition of Jackie Miesle to the MPI Board of Directors. For the past several months, Jackie has led our marketing efforts, and has also put together our monthly newsletter, the Limelight Review. Jackie has previously appeared on stage in Godspell and Becky’s New Car, and will also appear in our November show, More Fun Than Bowling. We are excited to have Jackie join the Board of Directors!


All The Way - Thank You! (Continued)

By Ed Cohen, Director

Thanks to John Langley for his efforts to find underwriting for the LED Video wall and Tom Peters for his help in loading the sound into the board and helping connect the video wall sound to our system.

OCTA Conference, 2018

Awards: Around The World In 80 Days – Mariemont Players

The Cast – Outstanding in Ensemble

Jerry Wiesenhahn – Excellence in Direction

Sharon Shelton/Kristen Vincenty/Pam Kaesemeyer/Mary Kay Wiesenhahn - Outstanding in Costumes

Eric Day – Excellence in Acting as Actor 1

Jay Dallas Benson – Excellence in Acting as Actor 3

Around The World In 80 Days was also selected to represent Ohio at the American Association of Community Theaters Region III Conference in April.


The Cemetery Club - Stats

By Betsy Farro

The Cemetery Club sold at 91%! That is awesome, but really doesn't speak to the benefits the show had for MPI:

Word of mouth was great -- you could see the uptick in sales as the show moved from weekend to weekend, leaving us with almost nothing by the third weekend performances.

5 patrons went home after seeing the show and almost immediately purchased tickets to future productions.

2 patrons called the next day and turned their 4 single tickets into subscriptions for the rest of the season.

Great job, Cemetery Club!


The Cemetery Club - Thank You!

By Jerry Wiesenhahn, Director

I wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make The Cemetery Club such a success.  First off, thank you to everyone who ushered for us and helped the audience members have a great experience as they attended the show.  Thank you also to those who helped with strike, your assistance was so appreciated!  

Next, I’ve received so many positive comments about The Cemetery Club that I have to say - if you want a successful show, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with talented, dedicated people.  I was privileged to once again have Kristen Vincenty serve as my producer and she, as usual, made everything happen pretty seamlessly with a smile on her face and a word of encouragement to everyone.  Thanks to Ryan Oelker for a great set design and (another) incredible paint job and to Bill Pauly and Art Kibby for building Ryan’s design into reality.  Thanks to Linda Roll for the wonderful costumes, Vicki Rafferty for the great props, and Shannon Trier for the awesome set decor - all of which helped transport the audience back to 1983 every night; a big thank you also to Katelyn Reid for being our vocal coach and helping us take the audience not only back in time but to Queens, New York; and to Forrest Goodwin for our sound effects and design that helped keep the audience “in the moment."  Kudos to Chuck Ingram for his awesome lighting design, to Pat Kramer and Erich Misner for running lights and sound (Erich's first time!) flawlessly every night (even when Erich had unexpected visitors in the tech booth), and to Patricia Mullins Misner who stage managed her first show like a boss and kept it all running as smooth as silk (and of course, for recruiting her hubby Erich!).

Finally, I want to thank my cast - Mary Ann SmithBarbara RussellChessie VigranArnie Stoller, and Susan Schapiro. I could not have asked for a better group of actors (and people) to tell this story and I’m so proud of what we created together. 

The Cemetery Club Strike Crew: 

Jackie MiesleAimee WardPat KramerJerry WiesenhahnMary Kay WiesenhahnBill PaulySteve WinslowArny StollerKristen VincentyChessie VigranSusan SchapiroMary Ann SmithBarbara Russell


Cast Announcement - Three Bags Full

Mariemont Players and director Becky Mullins are excited to announce the cast for our January production, Three Bags Full by Jerome Chodorov:

Kathleen - Nisrene Langenbrunner

Bascom Barlow - Fred Murrell

Richard Foyle - Pat Kramer

Angela - Katie C. Jensen

Genevieve - Dava Lynn

Jeanette - Laura Gossett

Boris - Darren Lee

Preston Cottingham - Jay Gossett

Jenkins - Jimmy Jackson

Mr. Cottingham - David Hatfield

Charlotte - Susan Smith

Synopsis: A bright French farce about a greedy merchant who finds himself snookered into being a matchmaker for two daughters, one the child of his wife and the other the maid’s offspring. Rebellious young ladies, a comely new maid, pregnant ladies and mistaken identities lead to explosive hilarity. A larcenous employee who has embezzled half a million dollars even offers to return it for a managerial position and the daughter’s hand. Half of the loot is in diamonds and half in cash the stashes in separate but identical bags. A third identical bag contains the maid’s skivvies.

Performance Dates: January 11th-27th, 2019

For tickets, call Betsy at 513-684-1236 or visit

Cast Announcement - Three Bags Full

Mariemont Players and director Michael Morehead are pleased to announce the cast for Outside Mullingar by Patrick Stanley:

Lon Nease as Anthony Reilly

Art Kibby as Tony Reilly

Barbara Karol as Aoife Muldoon

Rebecca Whatley as Rosemary Muldoon

Performance Dates: March 8-24, 2019

Synopsis:  Set in rural Ireland, this compassionate, delightful, and deeply moving story explores with poetic passion two introverted misfits and their journey to find a kind of happiness.


All Around Town

  • Wayne Kirsch will play Mr. English, Patricia Mullins will play Ann, and Susan Unes will play Jenny in the Beechmont Players production of Widdershins, directed by Jef Brown and produced by Pam Kaesemeyer, Performance dates: October 19-27. 
  • Harold Murphy will play Walsh in The Milford Theatre Guild’s production of Rose’s Dilemma. Performance dates: October 19-21, 26-27. 
  • Danny Davies will play Sy Benson, Katelyn Reid will play K.C. Downing, Tim Carney will play Uncle Morty, Samantha Toberman will play Aunt Sadie, and Sharon Shelton will perform in the ensemble in Cincinnati Music Theatre’s production of My Favorite Year. Performance dates: November 9-17. 
  • Sally Fint will play Brooke Wyeth, Linda Callahan will play Silda Grauman and Dan Maloney will play Trip Wyeth in Other Desert Cities at Middletown Lyric Theater. Performance dates: November 9-17. 
  • Scott Unes will play Yusef El Fayoumy, C.J. Bossart will play Jesus of Nazareth, Michael Ireland will play Satan, Susan Unes will play Henrietta Iscariot, Dan Maloney will play Butch Honeywell, and Kenny Tessel will play Saint Matthew/Saint Thomas/Drunk Uncle Pino/Sigmund Freud in Village Players’ production of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, directed by Dan Maloney. Performance dates: September 28-October 6. 
  • Linda Callahan will play Gingy in The Drama Workshop’s production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore. Performance dates: February 22-March 10, 2019. 
  • Jay Gossett, Laura Gossett, Mark MetznerPatricia MullinsRyan OelkerKristen Vincenty, and Jim Waldfogle have been cast in the Beechmont Players production of A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play!, directed by Jerry Wiesenhahn. Performance dates: December 14-16. 

...And Beyond!

  • William Gibson (most recently seen on the MPI stage in All The Way) was one of 3 students who performed at Kent State University with Tony Award winning performer Alice Ripley. William will also appear in the Kent State University production of Children of Eden

October, 2018 Play Reading Report
By Anna Nixon     

We met on Monday evening (Sept. 17th.) this month but the October meeting will be as usual on Tuesday. October 16th. at 7.30pm. All MPI members are welcome to these readings of course, as long as you do not mind sharing actual roles if and when we have a full house!

This month our readers were: Jan Costello (nice to see you!),Laura HovlandMaris RyanBill Hartnett (welcome again, Bill), Fred RothzeidLinda CallahanDava LynnArt and Joyce KibbyJohn Nixon and yours truly.

The play that we read this month was written by Jules Tasca entitled “Alive and Kicking” – a family comedy with several members and generations trying to ‘get on’ in one house without stress – seems impossible! Great fun!    

Thank you readers and Dava for the play copy and Linda for the selected play suggestion.    


MPI Membership Renewal – Please stay and play with us for another year!

The 2018-2019 membership year began July 1st and we hope you will renew! If you haven’t sent your renewal ($15 for individual or $25 for family), please do so as soon as possible so you can continue to receive the Limelight Review, party invitations, and other news! See the membership form for more information.

 MPI mourns the loss of long time MPI member Bob Naugle, who passed away September 13th. Bob was on the MPI Board for many years, serving as our treasurer. He was responsible for getting MPI removed from having to pay property tax since we’re a federally recognized non-profit organization, and having three years of previously paid taxes returned to us. He appeared on stage in Dracula and in our production of Of Mice And Men. He was also a regular reader at our Tuesday night Play Readings.

A Celebration of Life will be held at 4:00pm on Saturday, October 13th at Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church 2710 Newtown Road.

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Cast Announced for Three Bags Full at Mariemont Players

Three Bags Full PosterThe cast includes:
• Kathleen - Nisrene Langenbrunner
• Bascom Barlow - Fred Murrell
• Richard Foyle - Pat Kramer
• Angela - Katie C. Jensen
• Genevieve - Dava Lynn
• Jeanette - Laura Gossett
• Boris - Darren Lee
• Preston Cottingham – Jay Gossett
• Jenkins - Jimmy Jackson
• Mr. Cottingham - David Hatfield
• Charlotte - Susan Smith

Performances run January 11-27, 2019

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Cast Announced for Outside Mullinger at Mariemont Players

Outside Mullinger PosterThe cast includes:
Lon Nease as Anthony Reilly
Art Kibby as Tony Reilly
Barbara Karol as Aoife Muldoon
Rebecca Whatley as Rosemary Muldoon

Directed by Michael Morehead. Performances run March 8 to 24, 2018

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